Goodbye to Tika

Click here for the full story of Tika leaving STAR Ranch.  It was so special, we wanted to share it with you.  Death is a heartache no matter what because it is such a loss to all . . . but there was such beauty in this process.  The herd surrounded her, just like family, to the very end.
We had a wonderful new volunteer that day, of all days.  She and Daniel, ranch foreman, were wonderful and I’m glad they were here.
Jelly Bean is better today, but still confused.  Sweet Pea isn’t the mother that Tika was, but she’s trying to be with Jelly Bean most of the time.  We guide JB when she gets too lost.
You may never have seen a dead horse, and we don’t mean to be crass, it is simply a fact of life here and anywhere there are horses.  We have buried 14 horses now at the ranch.  It doesn’t get any easier.
Tika lived out her life in fullness and health.  She was happy.  We were heart broken to lose her, but cherish the time we and Jelly Bean had with her.