pete 7smPam, one of Pete’s walkers, spending some time to help him get better. Many thanks to Betty, Pam, Julie, Cindy and Becky for taking 30 minutes to make his day! Four times a day! Anyone else who wants to pitch in, just call 400-4940.

pete 6smPete seems to be quite the lady’s man.

Betty, one of his loves, walking him in the sunshine today, letting him munch the clover and fresh grass, Pete now realizing that he is safe and on the mend. What a good day.


peteandpalatfence_smHow smart are horses? Pete and his fence buddy know that the electric wire fence doesn’t go over the gate. SOOO they meet at the gate and ‘talk’.

Pete ran today to greet Lightening. . . things that make your heart go thump. . .





Pete is horse #58 to come to STAR Ranch. I had a call on him early April and have been trying to get help for him ever since.

pete_smThe sheriff for the reservation simply would not act. There were no neighbors who could help. I was told he was a gelding but it was a different story when I got there – they simply thought that gelding is what a male horse is called.

The choice was leave Pete in that hell hole or deal with it. I called Meggan and we went through all the details, pros and cons. Then I made an appointment with Dr. Paul for Monday to evaluate just how soon Pete could be gelded.

We have the perfect spot for him where Dorey and Marimba were. Totally electric fence all the way around so he does not come in contact with anyone, yet has room to run, eat, drink and lick that salt/mineral block! Meggan has vaccines for him too from an unwanted horse campaign.

He is started on the Powerpak wormer for 5 days. Fingers crossed.