A Song for Star Ranch

Last Thursday night (9/22/16) was quite successful for Star Ranch. We send out thanks to all who generously donated – you are helping us help the horses.

1363100362_piano-manAs an homage to Star Ranch, Steve Widdon wrote a special song for the Thursday night fundraiser concert:

(sung to the tune of “Beer for My Horses” by Toby Keith & Willie Nelson)
written by Steve Widdon

In Haywood County there’s a place called Rabbit Skin
Where mistreated horses can find a friend
I doesn’t matter what size or breed
Star Ranch is there when a horse is in need

If a horse has been neglected and hasn’t been fed
Karen and her friends bring em back from the dead

They’ll love em, hug em, make em ready to roam
And then they’ll make sure they have a good home

Inhumane treatment we can’t stand
So lets give Karen and Star Ranch a hand
If you can throw in an extra buck or two
That’s why we’re here tonight at the Rendezvous

We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces
Singin’ “money for the ranch and hay for the horses”