If you’ve ever had a horse, wanted to own one, or would like to be ‘in touch’ with one, this is your chance. STAR will keep you updated on ‘YOUR HORSE’ however you choose, email, etc., and let you know how he/she is doing.

$25 will buy 5 bales of hay for your horse

$50 will buy 2 bags of top quality pelleted feed

$100 will provide hay and grain for 1/2 month

Some of our horses have ongoing medical needs beyond the normal feeding and maintenance required to keep a horse in good health. The vet bills on all of these horses are mounting. None can be ridden.

If you want to own a horse but don’t have room, sponsor one of ours. For only $100 a month you have a year of ownership!

Many of our horses that are available for Sponsorship are also available for Adoption. Check the individual listings to find out which are for adoption and which are for sponsorship.